The Worst Player to Play for your Team

Over the last week I had asked my twitter followers to come up with players who were the worst to play for their team(s) the only stipulation being they must have played during your lifetime. I got some interesting answers and you will find the full collection below. If you want to add your own feel free to do so in the comments section. Also if you are one of the players on this list I am sorry.

For me, the worst player to play at Chelsea during my lifetime (I could have gone for Fernando’oh) is Asier Del Horno, commonly known as Del HorrorShow. God bless Ashley Cole is all I will say here.

AC Milan

@ScolariFan: Digao and Amantino Mancini

Aston Villa

@jamiewh_: Bosko Balaban. Although he hardly got a fair deal


@solarcell13: Olegeur

Bayern Munich

@brittanyschray: is it mean if I say Breno

Cambridge United

@robbro7: Kingsley Mbome, Igor Latte-Yedo, Courtney Pitt, Danny Webb, Shaun Marshall, Phil Bolland… All laughably bad


@emmabung: Fernando Torres

@ishansays: Mineiro

@kingkeir: frank Sinclair only because he missed a penalty that made me cry after my first ever Chelsea game

@ScolariFan: Ben Haim

@BenjaminRees: (Slavisa) Jokanovic was actually my first thought.

@RahulChels: Torres. Without a doubt.

@Krishprash: Tal Ben Haim.

@MahmoudZaqout: Tal Ben Haim.


@thomasmcilroy: (the legendary) Ahmad Elrich


@ElpidaAl: Amauri but he proved himself quite useful last season. 😉

@fabiobarto:  Amauri. Tiago. Poulsen.

Leeds United

@IlGiganteBuono: Tough one that, there have been too many. Might have to go with Paul Okon considering we were playing in the PL at the time


@imahon: D’jimi Traore at Liverpool was fairly abysmal.

@samee_24: Andriy Voronin, Sebastian Leto.

@shazilzarook: Christian Poulsen.Worst at Liverpool ever even maybe.

Manchester City

@anisbazza: Stefan Savic. Still more titles than Gerrard + van Persie combined though.

Manchester United

@AlexCoatesy: Luke Chadwick

@VVF47_MUFC: Bebe, Dong (Fangzhou) and (Massimo) Taibi

Newcastle United:

@LeShandy: Ameobi, any of the 3. Although Tomi is probably the least shit because he never played a first team game.


@AlexCoatesy: Luke Chadwick

Real Madrid:

@RahulxC: Faubert, Woodgate. Over 20 games – Pavon, Diogo


@BenMcAleer1: Gregorz Rasiak.

West Ham:

@tomvictor: Wayne Quinn

@BigDan_83: Marco Boogers


And there is the list, like I said if you disagree with any of the above or would like to add your own leave a comment below.

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